Gigabyte (SSD)

Gigabyte has brought all the new technological advancement to their SSD lineup that are available in the market now and is looking more ways to improve their design and performance. They have implemented the new PCIe 4.0 in their SSD designs. This allows data transfer to be even faster and allows work to be done very fast. It uses the latest Toshiba BiCS4 96 Layers 3D TLC for its processing. They provide enormous amount of storage performance for each of their SSDs. The SSDs use Copper Thermal Solutions to keep the device cool and stable and not allowing in any performance loss. They have made very stable and well performing SSDs for every kind of use. They are using the latest Leading 3D NAND Flash for their SSDs. Their SSDs performs faster, consumes less power, has vibration resistance, has no noise and also produces lower heat. And finally, they have made a software to monitor each of the movement and work the SSD is doing.

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